Meg's Angels

Hand formed with Meg's original design, these lovely sculpted wire angels stand about 4" x 4" and each comes in its own gift box.  No two are exactly alike.

These beautiful angels are handcrafted from copper wire (bare copper for a lovely copper patina, or tinned copper for a lasting silver-tone finish) All are ornamented with beads of one or more type or size. Most are glass beads, some are plastic, some are crystal, and some are stone. Variety, the spice of life, right?! 

All are beautiful and created with a careful eye on quality. Below is only a sampling of the colors and types of beads available. I have a large inventory of beads but cannot possibly photograph every option available, so please feel free to browse the inventory frequently to see what new angels fly in!  For custom orders, please email me with your request!  *special note* many items may be out of stock. Please allow time for recreating a similar angel!  I've now upgraded to high quality crystal heads, although those pictured may show the old style.  Please follow the links to my Etsy site for better pictures. 

Many of these 'out of stock' items are still available, but I have recently switched to ETSY for direct sales.  Please visit my Etsy store or contact me directly for purchase options.